Name / Mario Hirama

Birth / March 1977

Born in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima Prefecture.  A graduate of Waseda University.
Living in Tokyo.

The world of my flowers is very serene yet extremely powerful,
because it stems from a vision that seeks to apprehend the very essence of
the beauty of japanese  culture, with its main focus on  the vase, the  flower and the surrounding space.

I constantly rethink the very significance of  « IKERU »
(which means the act of  Ikebana) that infuses the flowers with life .

To bring out the strenght of the object facing me, I seek out empty spaces

to harmonise them resulting in the appearance of a space that captures the onlooker.

I aim to seize the invisible, such as the character of the vase, the voice of the seasons,

the scent and my own heart and life.

In the present age, I believe that "Ikebana" shine more than before.

I pursue approach beyond a field and an expression method while respecting the history.

I wish that I want to impress many people by my Ikebana.

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